TransTrade CZ s.r.o.
we are wholesale and machinery family company in branch of foundry industry, forgings and production of precise metal parts. Our portfolio consists of products, that you can find in wind mills, hydraulic devices like gear and piston pumps or hydraulic cylinders. This branch of industry is very demanding on high quality of material and precision of machining. Our products are main components of such devices: housing, flange, cover of pump, cover, plunger head, bearing cap of hydraulic cylinders.

Know-How of our company is mainly in knowledge of metal market.

We offer:

-suggest best solution for your project (casting/forging/bar…)
-produce moulds (tools for castings…)
-supply you with material

-machine such material
finished product to you

Due to wholesale nature of our company and longterm business partnership with our suppliers we can offer technologicaly simple or demanding products, low price and short leadtime.

From foundry industry and forgings we offer castings from grey iron, ductile iron, aluminum, core casting or forgins.

We can offer machining of metal on CNC and NC machines – lathes and milling centres.

Stock of surface 1000m2 allow us to produce “on stock” and make leadtime more shorter.

We are mainly export company. Our customers are from west, north, south Europe and north-american continent. Such wide geographical selection increases stability of our company even in economicaly negative periods.